Hi all,

Today's the third anniversary of the label. As such, it seemed suitable to put out a little update about where things are at here. For the obvious reasons, there hasn't been much in the way of shows, or any kind of events this year. So this update will largely serve to inform what the label has been up to and what we're likely to be working on next.

Our operations have been slow for the last few months. Despite a few upticks throughout this whole crisis, there hasn't been much work of note. We didn't have a set record we were looking to release in the immediate future, and with the absence of shows or some bands even practicing, it's been all but impossible for bands to work on more music.

We're finally starting to have a few things in the works again, but it's been a very slow moving train, and we're not of the position that we should be forcing that for any reason. So we'll have to see when things come about. Stay tuned.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the label. Whether through attending shows, buying merch, or being directly involved with a release or band, we've only been able to continue because of your interest in the independent music scene of our little city. Here's to more music. Be well.



We recently mixed some tracks with Joni Elfers at Earth Songs for some unreleased Merger songs. Expect to hear some news on that soon.

Think Machine is currently doing some demos with me in the basement of Impetus House. At some point soon we'll likely be recording their next record.

A paramount, a love supreme recently had a repress of their EP Crisis Meditations on lathe cuts, out now from Larry Records.

Khaki Cuffs put out their self-titled album back in April with support from Chillwave Records. The band has done a series of live streams over the last few months.

Hive Mind put out a digital 3-song EP back in the spring.

Kobika is working on their next record, and have been practicing in the basement of Impetus House again. Thankfully, they sound as good as ever.

Seb Roat from Naff put out some solo recordings under the name El Nino and the Monsoons. They're very good. Not sure if there are any plans for a larger release or anything physical as of right now.

Gravers Lane has their EP coming out on vinyl very soon. I believe they're just waiting on the records to get shipped back to them.

Grant Claytor has put out a few singles over the last few months. In November, he'll be releasing his next record Caprice.


That's all I've got from this front. I didn't cover some of the other bands in the scene due to relative inactivity, but send them all some love too. Thanks for backing music. Hopefully we'll be back with more news soon. Happy three years.